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Bachelor Informatics and Management

B.Sc. Informatik & Management

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Bachelor Informatics and Management (B.Sc.)

Bachelor Informatics and Management (B.Sc.)

Digitization and entrepreneurship belong closely together for you? Then this is your study program!

The markets of the future are digital. Accordingly, companies, but also public authorities, are under enormous time and action pressure to advance their digitalization or to keep it permanently up to date. This process calls for specialists who “understand” both sides: They act as an interface between business administration and IT and ensure that digital transformation becomes possible at all, or is designed to be as technically sensible and as efficient as possible in business terms. There is hardly any other degree program that qualifies you for so many job opportunities in almost all industries!

What you need? A keen interest in digital topics in business contexts. A desire for analytical, networked thinking. An enthusiasm for the local and global digital future.

What can you expect during your studies at VICTORIA? In addition to essential business know-how as well as leadership and social skills, our professors and lecturers will provide you with specialist knowledge from practice: the focus is on big data, AI technologies, robotics, digitalization, digital transformation and state-of-the-art IT technologies in general. You will also learn how to plan, develop, operate and manage IT systems and IT-supported business processes.

With a bachelor’s degree in informatics and management, all career doors are open to you!

“For those who want exquisite job prospects for decades to come, the Informatics and Management degree program at VICTORIA provides an excellent foundation.”

Prof. Dr. Ulrich John

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6 semesters

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Robotics, AI

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Maximum flexibility for your studies in Germany

We want you to enjoy studying with us and be successful. That’s why we have optimized our study programs so that you benefit from many typical VICTORIA advantages, such as the close link between theory and practice in all courses and study modes.

Our studies are designed so efficiently that you can complete your bachelor’s and master’s degree in the standard period of study, but only have to come to campus two days a week!

This leaves you with three free workdays per week to do whatever else interests you: e.g. your first start-up, a job on the side, or lots of sports.


Only 2 days/week on campus!

649 €/Month

  • 20h per week on campus (only two days per week on campus)
  • flexible and plannable time management
  • maximum freedom for secondary professional activities (possibility to finance the studies)
  • the possibility to gain professional experience already

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Q & A

7 Selected Questions and Answers about the Study Program ” Informatics and Management (by the head of the program Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inf. Ulrich John)

Question: Why is it a good idea to take the B.Sc. program “Informatics and Management” at VICTORIA?

Answer: There are a number of reasons for choosing the VICTORIA ” Informatics and Management” program. I will name three:

  1. You are laying the foundations for yourself to be able to pursue challenging, content-rich and attractive professional activities of your own choice in the years and decades to come. And you are not tied down. If you complete your studies well, you will generally have the choice of which company and which industry you work in, for example in the context of digital transformation or in pure IT or management positions. You will most likely be able to achieve attractive conditions, which include, for example, a high degree of self-determination if you want. Of course, if you wish, you can also pursue a Master’s degree on the basis of the B.Sc. program, but this is not mandatory.
  2. With the chosen study contents, you will hit the nerve of the time. You have every opportunity to play a creative role in the upcoming transformations and further developments of the economy and society.
  3. At VICTORIA you will find highly qualified and experienced lecturers who, in addition to their specialist know-how, for the most part have many years of relevant practical experience which will be passed on to you. In addition, especially if you choose the dual study model, you can already gain valuable experience in your cooperating company during your studies.

Question: What do you think is special about the VICTORIA “Informatics and Management” degree program?

Answer: What is special about the program is that it is broadly based on the one hand and includes significant areas of focus on the other. This gives graduates a great deal of flexibility with regard to their future range of activities and qualifies them in particular for the upcoming major tasks in business, institutions and public authorities. In addition to basic computer science courses and business administration courses, the broad spectrum of basic courses also includes economics and law courses. In terms of specialization, the courses on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, IT Security and Data Science are worth mentioning.

Another special feature, apart from the fact that the program is located at a private university, is the possibility to study in the dual model. Roughly speaking, students work half a week in a company and half a week at VICTORIA. This creates an extremely instructive, close link between practice and theory and the opportunity to work directly on “real projects” while still studying.

Question: Should one have taken the subject “computer science” in school or at least have already programmed at least once in order to be able to choose the course of studies?

Answer: The course is designed in such a way that no previous knowledge of computer science is required. This means that you do not need to have taken Computer Science as a subject at school and can acquire all the necessary knowledge during your studies. Nevertheless, there is no “danger of boredom” for students with previous knowledge, as they can acquire additional knowledge individually and are encouraged and supported accordingly. In our program, for example, we already have good experience with students who have no prior knowledge of computer science and with students who already have a degree in computer science.

Question: Do I have to be very good at mathematics to pass the course?

Answer: It is not necessary to be very good at mathematics to successfully pass the degree program. Personally, I would advise prospective students not to choose the program if their high school math grade is worse than 3/satisfactory.


Question: Do I need to have a special computer to take the course?

Answer: No, in principle you do not need your own computer at all. Certainly, it is beneficial if you have a computer available on which you can write your papers and with which you can research on the Internet. The program has a computer lab with modern equipment that is used in the study.

Question: Will I be familiar with SAP software after graduation?

Answer: It is not the goal of the study program to familiarize you with ERP systems from specific manufacturers. There are good reasons for this. The software market is very fast moving. New vendors bring new software systems to the market, new mature technologies allow new functionalities, established systems are reorganized and modernized, and so on. The probability that a concrete system will be used in an unchanged form in companies 5-10 years from now is extremely low. During the course of your studies, you will become familiar with the principles and technologies of various classes of software systems, among other things. Instead of being able to “operate” one system specifically, you will be able to quickly learn how to effectively use any software system.

Question: What are the career prospects after successful completion?

Answer: You will have exquisite job prospects after successful graduation. As already mentioned, you will have great flexibility in terms of content in the fields of computer science, management and digital transformation, and will also have relevant knowledge in the specialist subfields that will be particularly needed in the coming years, such as artificial intelligence, data science, IT security and IT law. If you have chosen the dual study model, you will also be able to demonstrate practical work experience. You can check your career prospects by searching suitable job portals for the terms “digital transformation”, “digital consultant” or “artificial intelligence”, for example.



Admission requirements
  • German Abitur or German Fachhochschulreife or a certificate issued by uni-assist e.V. (University Application Service for International Students, confirming the equivalence of the foreign university degrees with the above-mentioned German certificates
  • Online application with curriculum vitae, letter of motivation and Abitur certificate (Application)
  • German language level B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • English language level B1 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


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“By providing deep insights into management concepts, VICTORIA lays the foundation for me to take on a more senior position in management. I particularly like the individual and interactive collaboration during the lectures, as well as the personal contact with lecturers and university officials.”

Lisa Hermann

M.A. Business Management & Development

“As an agency in the marketing industry, together with students of VICTORIA, we are breaking innovative ground in order to always be able to act flexibly and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.”

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Daniel Naumann

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“The hotel industry is more versatile than any other field of work. The dual students at VICTORIA have expertise in industry-specific topics thanks to the custom-fit specialization and can be flexibly deployed thanks to the interdisciplinary orientation of the program.”

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