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Classic Studies



Classic Studies

Study hands-on and with maximum flexibility, on just two fixed campus days


Classic Studies

Our Classic study program is the optimal form of study for students who prefer regular face-to-face instruction. While students in classic face-to-face study models spend almost every working day of the lecture period at the university, VICTORIA relies on a study organization that flexibly adapts to individual life circumstances and leaves enough room for personal wishes. That is why our university follows the innovative concept of the “split week”. This means that students spend half of the week at their first place of learning, the university, and can organize the rest of the time according to their own ideas. The study program thus leaves sufficient time for gaining practical experience in the company and for personal development despite year-round attendance times.

Advantages Classic Studies:

  • 20h per week on campus (only two days per week on campus)
  • flexible and plannable time management
  • maximum freedom for secondary professional activities (possibility to finance the studies)
  • the possibility to gain professional experience already

Bachelor study programs: Classic Studies


Hotel and Tourism Management


Marketing Communication and Digital Media


Event, Trade Fair and Congress Management


Sports Management


Human Resource Management


Gastronomy Management


Health Care Management


Financial Services


Tax and Auditing


Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Real Estate Management


Sales Management


International Management


Informatics and Management


Business Administration
(in 12 specializations)

Master study programs: Classic Studies


Business Coaching


Business Consulting


Business Management & Development



FAQ: Classic Studies

Study Plan

On which days do the courses take place?

In Dual Studies and Classic Studies, the courses (20 hours per week) take place on two fixed, consecutive weekdays. The exact study days are determined promptly before the start of the semester and communicated to the students.

Are there any bridge courses (e.g. in math) before you start your studies?

At the present time, no bridge courses are offered at VICTORIA. If demand is high enough, such courses could possibly be offered in the future. As a rule, however, the Abitur / Fachabitur level is sufficient to enter the interdisciplinary courses and to be able to follow the lessons.

Are there any tutoring courses (e.g. in math) during your studies?

Tutorials can be organized upon request. Please contact the university management for this. In addition, students can form study groups among themselves and contact their lecturers if they have questions or problems. The lecturers or staff members of the study organization can arrange external tutors if necessary.

Does the study program include a stay/ semester abroad?

A stay abroad is currently not part of the curriculum of our degree programs. However, you can complete a stay abroad (as a semester or internship abroad) within your studies within the framework of ERASMUS+ or through one of our cooperating universities abroad. For more detailed information, please contact our International Office.

The German-language programs Business Administration (B.A.), Computer Science and Management (B.Sc.) and Business Management & Development (M.A.) do not include a stay abroad. However, if you would like to spend a semester abroad during your studies, you can apply for a semester off.

In the English-language International Management B.A. program, a semester abroad is an integral part of the course of study.

When can I change the study model?

At the end of each semester, you can change the study model within a study program by applying to the examination office. This may change your tuition fees (amount and/or transfer/self-payment). You can find an overview of all fees here.

Will my study duration be extended if I change models?

No, the models are coordinated so that your study duration is not extended by a change.

What are the types of examinations / certificates of achievement?

Examinations during the course of study can be written examinations, presentations, seminar papers/homework, practical work, business games, presentations, projects and (language) tests. The exact type of examinations depends on the course of study and progress.

Classic Studies

How does Classic studies work? (How many hours per week? Faster than Dual Studies?)

The courses in the Classic model (20 hours per week) take place on fixed, consecutive weekdays, just as in the Dual Study model. The remaining weekdays are at the students’ disposal and can be used for internships in addition to the necessary self-study. The duration of study (number of semesters) is the same in all study models.

Do I have to complete mandatory internships during my studies?

According to the VICTORIA module catalog, Bachelor students in the Classic model must complete a company internship of 150 hours by the time they graduate and provide proof of this by means of a certificate from the company. Prior to the start of the internship, the approval of the program director must be obtained. Verified study program-related professional training periods will be credited towards the internship.

What is the difference between Dual Studies and Classic Studies?

If you decide on Dual Studies, you will spend 3 days per week at your cooperation company. In contrast, you can organize your free time individually and flexibly in the Classic Studies: either you work as a student trainee, do an internship or concentrate fully on your studies. While you have to write practical papers in the dual study program, which are thematically related to your cooperation company, you can expect seminar papers in the Classic Studies.

In the courses, which take place on 2 consecutive days at VICTORIA, students sit in one class, regardless of their study model.

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