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Distance Studies



Distance Studies

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Distance Studies

VICTORIA enables you to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree regardless of time and place. In our distance model, you can plan your study time in such a way that it harmonizes optimally with your job and your free time, without having to adhere to a rigid study schedule. Rather, your studies adapt to your pace and your goals!

Our blended learning approach allows for maximum flexibility while guaranteeing the highest possible effectiveness of the teaching units. The Distance model can be studied full-time as well as part-time, i.e. while working. Blended Learning stands for a mixture of online content (self-study) and live events in webinars. With us, you receive study materials that are structured in such a way that they can be worked on flexibly. Using the latest methods and multimedia knowledge transfer, this enables distance learning that is in no way inferior to face-to-face study.

Master study program: Distance Studies

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E-learning instead of studying on campus

The online-supported knowledge transfer takes place through the use of various media. The most important basis are the study letters, which provide you with all the fundamental content of the lectures, exercises and seminars during the semester and are made available before the start of each semester – online and, if desired, also by mail. Our webinars (online lectures) in the virtual classroom are conveniently offered via the ZOOM software and take place every Saturday throughout the semester. The webinars are live – interactive communication with both lecturers and fellow students is thus possible at any time. The focus is on the consolidation of self-developed learning content by the professors or external lecturers as well as the deepening of special, exam-relevant topics.

In the event that you are unable to attend a webinar, a video recording or a video that presents the course content will be made available. The software is designed for computers and mobile devices – you can participate in the webinars from home or on the go (e.g. via cell phone, tablet).

The central point of contact for our distance learning students is the Stud.IP learning platform, where the study letters and other study material are made available for self-study. Furthermore, materials for preparation and follow-up such as video/audio files, powerpoints, scripts, case studies or readers are offered here, which help to deepen the content taught in the webinars and can be used as often as desired. Multimedia training for learning control, e.g. in the form of online games or as online quizzes, are further useful features of our online campus.


VICTORIA study and examination centers

VICTORIA study and examination centers


At VICTORIA’s study and examination centers throughout Germany, you can obtain information, submit certificates of achievement (e.g. exams), or hand in and receive important study documents. We want your distance learning experience to be as convenient as possible, which is why we are there for you in 16 cities.

FAQ: Distance Studies

What does Distance Studies mean?

You study independently from home and receive the study documents regularly (on request in paper form by mail or online). At the same time, you have the opportunity to view and use study-related documents and additional offers via our campus platform Stud.IP.

How many attendance phases are there in the distance studies?

At VICTORIA, the attendance phases take place primarily in the form of webinars / online lectures, which are usually scheduled on Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00 in the Master’s program and on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:00 to 21:00 in the Bachelor’s program.

What is the difference between Distance Studies and Distance Studies PLUS?

Our classic distance learning program emphasizes flexible, self-determined, location and time-independent learning by means of didactically prepared study content, primarily in self-study. Our Distance Learning PLUS program prepares the course content for you in a structured manner in additional events that accompany your studies – the optional classroom tutorials offer you the opportunity to consolidate and repeat course content in a group at the VICTORIA study and examination centers, and to meet other students in order to exchange ideas on a regular basis.

Where can I take my exams?

You can take your exams either at one of the two VICTORIA study locations (Berlin or Baden-Baden), at one of the 14 VICTORIA study and examination centers throughout Germany, or at another recognized location abroad. For this purpose, you have 4 exam dates per semester at your disposal, for which you must register in advance.

Is it possible to extend the Distance Studies if I need more time?

Yes, an extension is possible by arrangement. Part-time study is also possible for all study programs and models at VICTORIA upon application.

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